Website Design

Online Business Tools for Success

Many businesses that are marketing their products and services online have discovered that websites are an effective way of reaching a target market.

Business owners have found through website traffic rankings that the website is an effective way of attracting new clients.

As a result, many business owners are seeking ways in which to make the website even more attractive to their target market. They are seeking better business strategies and comparing their sites to others in the marketplace.


Branding Your Business

If they have been using the site for a few years, business owners have learned which tools are working and which are not. When the visitor arrives at the site, they form impressions based on their emotional involvement.

If the experience is positive, the visitor will return to the site with more visitors. If the experience is not favorable, the visitor will not return and will share the bad experience with friends.

Often, the business owner will analyze the site’s performance and rankings to determine how effective the site is for attracting customers. If the numbers are declining, business owners may decide to update the website. This usually occurs in the case where the business owner has designed the site and determines that it is no longer effective.

A Professional Solution

When the business owner determines that the site is no longer effective, he may have to enlist the help of a web designer to give the website new life.

Many business owners initially decide to design their own website because of the cost involved. However, when they need a new design, they should be able to pay the cost for a new one, having been conducting business for several years.


Business growth, success factors, a new business strategy, or striving to keep ahead of the competition, may dictate a new design. Often, the website designer, if they are skilled in research methods or marketing, can give valuable insight as to a strategy for a new design, taking into consideration the target market involved.

There are many factors which would warrant the re-design of a website with a new business strategy. It is very time consuming to determine an appropriate strategy. The business owner may not have the additional time to devote to researching his options, nor would he have the expertise to make the right decision.


Therefore, the business owner should consider hiring a web designer who can make the decision for him.

In conclusion, the decision to redesign the website should be made by a web designer who is skilled in marketing or research. This would ensure an appropriate design for the website.

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Website Content Management

Beginners Guide to Web Content Development and Management Tools

When starting a website, one needs to choose a website content management system. Find an easy web content management tool and it will simplify content development.

Website content management may be daunting for beginner webmasters. Choosing an intuitive web content management tool and finding free web content makes it easy.

Website Content Management

Below are some tips on finding the ideal web content management tool. With a little research and experimentation, new webmasters can make the process fun and effective.


Web Content Management Tool

Here are some considerations when trying to pick a website content management program:

  • Website content management included – Often the best web hosts offer robust web content management tools online. When shopping for a web site host, webmasters should try their tools to see if they are user-friendly and intuitive as a content management system. It may be the simplest solution.
  • Website marketing strategy – It is best for webmasters to decide if they plan to create a website or a blog, and have a general idea of the web design appearance. For beginners, a free and easy web content management platform such as Blogger or WordPress may be the best solution.
  • Specialized website content management – Some of the most sophisticated tools are offered as paid programs or included with the best web hosts. For beginner webmasters, a website content management system with an easy interface is better than complicated tools that may require programming expertise.

Website Content Management Tools

Some options for website content management include:

  • Free online website content management – Web editor included in web site hosting package, Google Sites, or free domain hosting sites
  • Blog content management tools – WordPress, Blogger
  • Desktop web content management software – Dreamweaver, Frontpage, NVU
  • Web development companies Some small businesses may opt to hire website development companies or freelancers to outsource some or all of their website content management

Free Web Content

Once web site owners have chosen a web content management tool, it’s time to create the website content. Free web content can be developed either by the webmaster, or through free article directories that grant permission for the use of its articles.

The caveat with free web content is that website owners provide free promotion for the authors in form of a free signature link back to the author’s website. Another option can be private label rights or PLR articles, which usually cost a fee and need to be edited so content is not duplicated.

Website Content Management – Strategy

Website content management doesn’t have to be a difficult task for beginners. The best webs hosts or an inexpensive web hosting provider may offer the ideal solution. By experimenting with several free web content management tools and trying free web content directories, webmasters can find the easiest solutions for their web development needs.